Patient Experience: S-ICD box change

When your S-ICD battery is nearing its elective replacement time, your doctor will schedule a procedure in which your device will be changed out. Rob is sharing his S-ICD box change experience:
Read along with Rob's blog on his S-ICD change-out

Rob's S-ICD change-out

Read along with Rob's blog on his S-ICD change-out

Patient Rob wrote a blog about his S-ICD change-out; from the moment he heard he needed his device replaced, until one month after the implant. Read along to find out how he experienced all these moments: he shared his thoughts and emotions, to give you an idea of what might be coming when your S-ICD change-out is due:

My S-ICD change-out is due! 

I don’t really fancy the semiannual checkup. Simply because it takes time and because I’ll be outside again in 5 minutes as there is nothing going on with me. Actually that is nothing to grumble about..! In the waiting room I realize it’s a special day today...

The “Big Day” of the surgery

I can’t help feeling a bit tense on the day of the operation. In order to calm my nerves, I remind myself of the way I always explain the procedure to my relatives and friends. I tell them it’s going to be a cinch, because the lead will simply stay...

Recovering and sleeping on my left side

There are nicer things I could be doing, but the change-out of the S-ICD battery turned out far better than expected. Because my surgery was scheduled at the end of the day, I had to stay in the hospital for one night. Otherwise...

Yes… back on the mountainbike!

Practicing sports has always been a hugely important way of release for me. I remember very well how 6 years ago I was told that I needed an implantable defibrillator, so my greatest fear back then was that I wouldn’t be able to play sports as intensively as I used to...

Just a matter of pushing a button

After one month it is time for my first checkup since the change-out of my old S-ICD. I still remember that, with my first S-ICD, I was a bit apprehensive for the first check. Would everything sit well, are the settings still correct?...

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