Just a matter of pushing a button

After one month it is time for my first checkup since the change-out of my old S-ICD. I still remember that, with my first S-ICD, I was a bit apprehensive for the first check. Would everything sit well, are the settings still correct? 

This time I am sitting in the waiting room with total confidence, because I feel more than fine. I have taken up sports again and the scar looks inconspicuous. As soon as I hear my name called out, I calmly walk to the doctor’s office. 

Like I’ve done before, I lie down on the exam table and get some electrodes placed onto my body. Then the new S-ICD is read out. Everything is fine, as expected. After reading out the S-ICD, I am referred to the cardiologist. He inspects the scar and asks me how I’m doing. I tell him I had never expected such a fast recovery! So I’m out within a few minutes with a big smile on my face. 

After my conversation with the cardiologist, I’m given an explanation about a monitor named Latitude. Latitude is a kind of mini tablet (which looks a bit like my internet router), which can read out the S-ICD wirelessly and send the data from home to the hospital. This ensures an earlier detection of any problems, and what’s more, I need to go to the hospital for a checkup less often! 

As soon as I’m back home, I go to my bedroom and connect the Latitude within minutes. Part of the installation procedure is the sending of a “test message”, where the S-ICD is read out. It sounds complicated but it’s just a matter of pushing a button. After a few seconds the button turns green, indicating a successful mailing. It is really awesome that the new S-ICD not only has a longer battery life and is thinner than the previous one, but also has this “remote monitoring” feature!