S-ICD Patient Stories

What is it like to live with an S-ICD? Hear from real S-ICD patients as they share their stories and describe their day-to-day activities of living with a subcutaneous implantable cardiac defibrillator. Watch the videos on this page or follow the links to read Rob’s Blog.
Jane’s Story

Jane’s Story

“Living with the S-ICD hasn't changed my life at all, except it may well have prolonged my life.”

Rob’s Story

Rob’s Story

“I made the choice for the S-ICD. For me, an ICD not touching the heart was very appealing."

Angel’s Story

Angel’s Story

Angel from Spain was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called Ventricular Hypertrophy. He explains why he specifically chose the S-ICD.

Rob’s Story

Rob’s Story

Feeling the S-ICD

(about 2 months after surgery)

Boy, how easily your life can suddenly be turned upside down. I have never had any complaints, no arrhythmias, cardiac arrests, or anything, and yet I have recently become a heart patient. I went into...

(about 6 months after surgery)

The checkup. It doesn’t actually amount to much..... and yet, it does.

After six months, I am still not 100% recovered in terms of fitness, but I’m pretty close...


Two weeks vacation in France, unfortunately I don't have more time. And as we want to limit the traveling time, we're taking the plane this year. Only one and a half hour on the plane instead of more than 10 hours in the car; perfect. Moreover...

Mountain biking

Every Sunday morning I go mountain biking in the forest with a few friends. We are all in our late thirties and early forties, but we still feel like young gods and also behave that way...

Customer visit

Today I have an appointment with a customer who develops and manufactures microelectronics. It is a fast‐growing organization in a really high‐tech environment...

Visit to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris. What a clever formula. A timeless fantasy world that generations have grown up with, combined with spectacular attractions for the bigger kids & adults...

Find a doctor

Find a doctor.

Use the hospital locator tool to find S-ICD follow up centers and physicians trained in the S-ICD technology.