Living with an S-ICD

In your daily life, the impact of an S-ICD is generally small and most people can resume their normal daily activities. However, the time it takes to get back to normal is different for each person. Learn more about what you can expect from living with a subcutaneous ICD.

Patient Stories

Meet real patients as they share their stories about living with an S-ICD.

Living with the S-ICD

Once you have fully recovered from the defibrillator implant procedure, your normal daily life should change very little. These tips can help you in performing common activities.

Questions for Your Doctor: Lifestyle

What should you expect in your day-to-day life with the S-ICD? Refer to these questions when talking to your doctor.


Get a list of patient organizations, S-ICD hospitals, and S-ICD-trained doctors in your area. Helpful links and downloads are also provided.

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Use the hospital locator tool to find S-ICD follow up centers and physicians trained in the S-ICD technology.

Hear from S-ICD patients.

Meet real S-ICD patients as they share their stories and personal journeys.